Welcome to Vladivostok (eng.)

Vladivostok – the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian line and home of Russia’s Pacific Fleet. Vladivostok today – Russian outpost on the banks of the Golden Horn Bay, its’ name means “Rule the East”. The city’s dramatic setting along the hills around the Golden Horn Bay makes it quite attractive. Until 1990 Vladivostok was off-limits to all visitors because of its military and strategic importance as one of Russia’s key navel ports, it survives a revival now after hosting APEC meeting in 2012.  Now ferries link Vladivostok with ports in Japan and Korea.

Vladivostok is a city that has something special for everyone: breathtaking panoramas, scenic landscapes, a combination of European and Asian architecture that reflects the crossing of cultures and human lives, and a busy atmosphere of a port city where Russia begins. Each tour offers a new perspective and outlook on life in Vladivostok.

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